Because He Asked Me

Because He Asked Me

Rev 3:7b NKJV

‘These things says He who is holy, He who is true, “He who has the key of David, He who opens and no one shuts, and shuts and no one opens”

 Yes, it has been a while since I’ve posted anything on this blog; having said that, I will begin this writing by stating that I am increasingly bothered by the fact contemporary Christianity is trying to make God acceptable to man instead of man becoming acceptable to God.

After all, He makes the blind see and the lame walk! He gives us a garment of praise instead of a spirit of heaviness! He lifts us up, He heals us, He gives us beauty for ashes and stirs up joy again when we are feeling suicidal, – don’t try and change Him to fit within the parameters of your program! Let Him be who He is. His anointing of counsel provides the practical know-how for every day behavior that takes us to the place of living in the midst of our dream.

It doesn’t work to try and hang out with someone who is always trying to change you.  You grieve Him when you try to make Him fit to what you want. In fact you drive Him away with that attitude!

The Key of David is the key of power and dominion. In fact it is even greater than dominion; it is the anointing of conquest – the power and ability to win EVERY TIME! When David went to war, He never lost a battle! What was his secret, or his key? It was the attitude of praise and worship that characterized David’s life. For David, worship wasn’t an event, it was a daily preoccupation. In Psalm 34 it was David who wrote, “I will bless the Lord at all times. His praise shall continually be in my mouth!”

In this writing, let’s look at what we could call, “Our Public Worship

 When you come to worship the Lord, there are simple things you can and must do as you work out a right relationship to Him. It’s not a question of your personality or preferences, it’s all about what GOD likes, and what pleases Him.

So many people have trouble buying gifts for other people, because they always choose something that they themselves would like, instead of thinking of the recipient’s likes and dislikes! It’s just like that when you come into God’s presence. It’s time to get yourself off your mind, and to consider how God wants you to behave in that moment to worship Him

First of all we need to STAND in the presence of God. It shows respect and deference. Don’t be casual and act like it doesn’t matter, because the Lord is worthy of honor and reverence. When your kids want to sit down in the worship service, why not start teaching them deference for the Lord!

CLAP your hands first and foremost for the King of kings. If you can clap for the president, and the mayor and the football team, you can clap for the undisputed Lord of Heaven and Earth!

Raise up a SHOUT! There is a sound to victory. You may think you are the quiet type, but if something excites you enough, or if something scares you suddenly you will shout! Don’t wait for the pressure to be on before your shout is forced out – shout willingly for God. Like it was for Israel at Jericho, your breakthrough may be in that shout. Don’t say, “I’m not the shouting type.” You are a shouting type when God tells you it’s time to shout!

LIFT UP YOUR HANDS to Him! It’s a sign of your surrender and an expression of worship. Don’t let it bother you if others aren’t lifting their hands – you lift yours!

Your SONG is also more important than you realize. Singing is not the job of the music team at the front – you need to have a spontaneous song in your heart. In fact you can tell that your life is going down when you lose your song, and the first thing that happens to indicate that you are coming out of the pit is that God will put a new song in your heart! You are still being processed, but you still find a reason to say “Thank you, Lord!” Let your song be heard as you fill your mouth with praise for your God

And yes, I could talk about DANCING before the Lord, I could talk about BOWING down before Him, but I think you get my point, I am simply saying that I want to do what He delights in Because He Asked Me. After all is said and done,

He is worthy of all that and much more.