Life Is About Choices

I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live:

Deut 30:19 KJV

The older you get, …it is as though I hear God saying to me, “Johnny My Son, the more we walk together, the more precious you become to me. You are a Prince among men. A noble man. Your life is a living epistle”,

And my response is, “I Love You Too Father”. 

What is my point, the  person you are becoming is the burning issue of your life before anything else. This is what God has His eye on concerning you, and the day you take full responsibility for your own character and behavior, is the day you start to mature. 

Life is about the choices you make. Often in my private times, I sense what I am doing in ministry as it relates to the teaching gift that I have been blessed with, is equipping people to live prominent, beneficial, integrity-driven lives that will have a positive effect on the kingdom of God wherever they go all over the world, I treasure that call.

Speaking of choices, I have chosen to ask for the impossible so that when manifestation comes NO flesh will take His glory. I choose the blessing not the curse. I choose faith not fear. I choose the Word not beautiful stories. I choose hope not despair. I choose courage not cowardice. I choose Heaven on earth. I choose peace not turmoil. I choose joy not sadness. I choose praise not heaviness. I choose the future not the past. I choose laughter. 

I choose love not hatred. I choose forgiveness and not a record of wrong. I choose vision not regret. I choose life not death. I choose healing not infirmity. I choose victory not defeat. I choose breakthrough not dead ends. I choose God’s Will not man’s opinion. I choose prosperity not poverty. I choose purpose not meaninglessness. I choose to serve others not take advantage of them. 

I choose to be lifter not a burden. I choose to bless not to curse. I choose the love of God not self-righteousness. I choose humility not pride. I choose grace not merit. I choose dignity not arrogance. I choose honor not vain glory. I choose dependency on God not independence. 

I choose the anointing not gimmicks. I choose authenticity not pretence. I choose integrity not appearances. I choose to count my blessings not my losses. I choose to focus on the good not what’s wrong. I choose to be gracious not judgmental. 

I choose to understand others instead criticizing them. I choose compassion not condescension. I choose to be a refuge for all men, not a killer of the weak and hurting. I choose to take the wrong rather than exonerate myself.

I choose to die to myself so that others may live a better life. I choose never to write anybody off because He never wrote me off. I choose to help the wounded because He loved me the most and gave me His best when I was at my worst. I choose God’s character. 

I am so excited to see what God will do with us as we choose to place our reliance totally on Him and His Word; as we refuse to place our self righteousness before Him as a reason why we should be blessed and instead receive His mercy and allow Him to be God in our lives.

Choose Life