Prayer Ministry


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prayerNo church can be ”all that God design or desire it to be” without an effectual and fervent Prayer Ministry.  Through a faithful Prayer and Evangelism Ministry, the hearts, souls and spirits of God’s people can be reached.  One of our goals is to “Advance God’s Kingdom through prayer”. We have many different praying events and happenings, as well as many prayer groups within our church.

The Intercessory Prayer Ministry is a dynamic ministry that often operates behind the scene.  The substance of such a ministry is evident by the result we see as we spend time warring in the spirit on behalf of our brothers & sisters in Christ.  All are welcome to come join us in prayer every Monday @ 6:30 P. M.;   Tuesday’s @ 12: O clock Noon and other special times as designated by our Ministry Leaders. Please feel free to submit your personal prayer request to us.