Tender Harvest Nursery Ministry

Welcome to Greater Harvest Fellowship!  We want your visit to be a wonderful experience for both you and your child.  Our experienced and trained workers will help to provide quality, loving care for your child in a clean, safe environment  Listed below is some helpful information provided to ensure that you feel confident with leaving your child in our care.

What to Bring

20140728_125437When packing a diaper bag for your child, please include the following items

  • A diaper bag  with a least(2) disposable diaper
  • A change  of clothes  in case of an emergency

All items(including pacifiers and sippy cups) should be labeled with your child’s name.

When You Arrive at the Nursery

Please stand behind gate while the Nursery worker signs your child in or out.  If there are any special arrangements or information needed, please make sure you include a note for the Nursery worker including requests for feeding or sleeping times.

Your child will be assigned a number. Parents will be given a corresponding number that will be used to identify your child for check-out. Should any problems arise, we will use this number to contact you during the service. This number will appear at the bottom of the screen, and you are to immediately report to the nursery.


 When You Pick Up Your Child

Nursery 3

Please present the identifying numbered tag upon return to your child’s room.  A child will not be released to anyone without the matching Tag.  Please make sure that all of your child’s personal items have been returned to you before you leave.  Lost and found items will be stored in the nursery closet for a short period of time.

Tender Harvest Is A “Well-Baby” Center


We do not allow children who are sick to stay in the nursery.  Please do not bring your child if they have:

  • Anything other than a clear runny nose
  • Had a fever within the last 24 hours
  • Diarrhea or any other possible symptom that indicates they are sick or contagious.


Contact: Greater Harvest Christian Fellowship