Health Ministry

pastaOur Health Ministry’s main purpose is to provide informative services and limited healthcare to all people, many of which who don’t have a primary care doctor or health Insurance, and to make them aware of the different free programs available to them. We regularly have professional healthcare speakers from Baptist Hospital Community Service come and share on different healthcare issues.  We also partner with representatives from Vision is Priceless to provide free eye exams, Jacksonville Blood Alliance for blood drives, weprovideHealthy Cooking Classes on how to prepare healthy foods, exercise programs from Cleveland YMCA and much more.


During our Health Fairs we have different testing, such as, blood pressure, cholesterol, body mass index and can inform you of places to go to get free mammograms and colon cancer screenings. We are here to teach people, how important it is to take their medication. There are always informational healthcare pamphlets at our information center.

We are always interest in the input of the community to provide us with topics they are concern about so we can assist them by providing information and services that is available to them.

Lead: Sis. Deborah McRoy
Sis. Barbara Paul & Sis. Helen Pettaway‑Butler