It’s Time To Adjust Your Focus

It’s Time To Adjust Your Focus

Isaiah 60:2

For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth,
And deep darkness the people;
But the Lord will arise over you,
And His glory will be seen upon you.

 Our World Is A Mess.

What are we becoming?  What kind of people are we?  What will happen to us? What will to our children?

Such darkness is hard to handle, but while it is getting harder to make it in the world and standards are deteriorating, the Lord will arise over you and His glory will appear in your life.

These two events are simultaneous: On the one hand it is becoming darker; even with medical advances, it is harder than ever to be well, and even though education is increasing, it is harder than ever to prosper in the world; yet even while it is like this, we will be living in style and tapping into the power released by the stripes of Jesus when they say it is incurable.

 I don’t know about you, but this is the time for us to switch our focus, stop focusing on trouble and placing our emphasis on the glory of God that has been promised for our lives. This adjustment in focus is powerful, and what is more, it is the will of God for you and for me, because if we don’t adjust our focus on purpose, we run the risk of going down with the world!

 If you are still alive and breathing, there is a purpose for you being here. We must set our heart on His will and purpose for life. When you walk with God, even the pain of loss has a purpose behind it. Just because you can’t see your way clear of it right now, doesn’t mean that God will not make something of it. The things that seem to fall away by accident or the people with whom it was impossible to reconcile – you may be crying about those situations right now, but give it five years- you will be thanking God and celebrating what He has done as He wove it all together in His divine purpose. You will look back and recognize the promotion that came in its wake.

 Yes, there is a darkness that will cover the face of the Earth, and even now we are experiencing it in part. When things get darker truth has a tendency to fall in the streets. People walk around with reprobate minds, thinking that right is wrong and wrong is right. You can’t correct them because they are so convinced that is how it is. They talk about “alternative facts” and accuse Christians of being narrow minded. They establish new “norms” where the lines are blurred and moral values are called into question. This is the time we live in.

 Even when it is harder all around you, you mustn’t choose to participate in the fear and anxiety of the world. We are expecting the glory of God, even while the world is getting darker. Your focus must be on the glory that is rising upon your life. It is that glory that will show the world where to come to find their salvation. That is why it must be SEEN on your life. Your voice is your address in the realm of the spirit.

That is how heaven knows where to make deliveries to. Therefore, settle it within yourself by speaking out loud today that you must see the goodness of God upon your own life during this present season.

You must determine be that type of Christian that refuse to live without any GLORY

As far as I am concern, it is personal, I don’t need anyone else’s approval, I don’t need anyone else to co-sign on my personal dreams and aspirations. God, through the Counsel of His Own Will – has already decided that my life is to be one of Glory. He called a meeting with Himself, and asked Himself, “Hey God, what are you going to do about (???????) life? Put your name in there, and He said, “I want him/her to have a life of Glory”. So, since it has already been decided in Heaven, I must determine to see in here in the Earth. That is what I love about the Holy, Eternal and Unchanging Word of God. His Word has caused me to hope, (Ps 119:49) and He has exalted His Word above His Name. Ps 138:2b)

Again I say, “It is time to Adjust Your Focus – Focus On God’s Glory”.