About Greater Harvest Christian Fellowship

At GHCF, our aim is to create a culture where anyone can fit in because we are not bound by any particular Church tradition.

We are part of the “National Association Of The Church Of God”, but we are not a Denominational Church. We may be in Florida, but we aren’t a “Southern Church”. We understand that Jesus is not a local man, and so we cannot build A Church Culture that is based on any other culture. We have to build it on Kingdom Culture alone.

                         Here Are Some Distinctives Of GHCF

Everyone is a Worshipper. When we come together, we come to meet with the King. There are no spectators, because all born again believers are Sons and Daughters of God. We engage in uplifting worship that is focused on Jesus, not on us, to do so is to set a conducive atmosphere and prepare a place for the King to walk among us and take His place in our midst because we want to enter the realm of the miraculous that is available in cooperate worship.

We have a Culture of Sacrifice and Generosity. We serve the purposes of God with wholeheartedness. We don’t treat Church casually; we prioritize the things of God and let our families know, “God is important”. He’s not the first thing we drop when other options come crowding in.

There are no passengers in the Church. We have the discipline to Serve and to Contribute. We have been called to evangelize our communities as well as nations, and we recognize that we are at war for the souls of men. As we pursue that call, we expect to see incredible increase and blessing on our lives, because God has set up The Kingdom in such a way that the fastest way of getting a breakthrough in our own lives, is to minister to someone else.

At GHCF we are givers, and we don’t need to be manipulated in order to Tithe And Sow. We will never line people up and make a show of how much they have given, since it’s not about making money, rather as the scriptures teach, “As we receive spiritually in the house of God, we should sow our temporal goods for the furtherance of God’s Kingdom”.  We give our finances because we are honorable and because we are grateful for the incredible love and saving power of God in our lives.

We believe in showing up on time, because something happens in the Realm Of The Spirit when we all passionately engage in the cooperate worship of Our King.

We Win souls. We are here on the planet to connect others to their eternal destiny and to bring them back into proper relationship with their Heavenly Father.

We want everyone to operate in their area of giftedness. We operate in love and honor towards everyone because we are in the midst of a Love Revolution.

Come and discover yourself, We Would Love For You To Join Us!