Are You Serious!

Are You Serious!

1 Peter 4:17

For the time has come for judgment to begin at the house of God.

Sometimes we hear of see one of the saints say or do something that is so contrary to biblical teaching, and we want to say to them – Are You Serious?

You may hear another Christian say something like, ”I’ll never forgive them for that”- your response should be – Are You Serious?

Or they may say – “I was up late last night, I don’t feel like going to worship today” ”- your response should be – Are You Serious?

Or after they have gotten paid – they may say – “I don’t have anything to give”- your response should be – Are You Serious?

When they say, “I know what the bible teaches, but I’m not ready to do that ”- your response should be- Are You Serious?

Do you feel that forgiving others and not keeping a record of wrongs are just nice ideas? Do you conclude that sexual purity is outdated in this generation, and that God isn’t serious about that nowadays? Do you believe that the purpose of God in this world is something for others to attend to since you are simply too busy with your family and your business? For the time has come for judgment to begin at the house of God. There are different types of judgment talked about in the Word of God and today I want to talk about the judgment which is directed at the house of God. First of all, this is not the judgment which is to take place when Jesus return and we will know who makes it into Heaven!

The moment you and I said yes to Jesus, that decision was made. Our Sin issue was taken care of then and there. We will not be in trouble on that day! Life is not a rehearsal – it is the gift of God for us and it is good. It’s not an endurance test either.

Life is serious business, it was designed to be lived in joy! In order to do that, you will have to decide to have confidence in God’s ability to hold you and to make a way for you, even in the face of the impossible. His immense love is more powerful than the sum of all your setbacks and mistakes.

You can’t have purple-dyed hair on the trading floor. They won’t take you seriously. You can’t be a rock star and show up in a formal suit. That doesn’t match your chosen audience. To be serious is to learn how your appearance will open the door to certain environments.

The Judgment That Begins At The House Of God Is Different: It Is about the maturing of the saints. This is a judgement about the purification of our character This is a judgement about our motives so that we genuinely reflect the nature of God in the Earth. Judgment comes to us when God speaks to us about growth – not so that we can make it into Heaven- but so that we can demonstrate to the world who our God is.

But really it takes place as God washes us with the water of His Word, so that He may present us to Himself as a glorious church, without spot or wrinkle. (Eph 5:27) At any given point in your life, the Word should be working in you, bringing about greater maturity, Greater Strength and a Calmer, more Responsible, More Powerful approach to life in line with what it says.

The greatest challenge you will face as a Christian is to fight the prevailing winds of our culture. It is going to take a decision to sit under the Word of God to allow your mind to become renewed. As you do this, old things start to fall away. There are no short cuts. Don’t let your life happen to you; make sure you happen to your life! Don’t waste another day.

Get serious about the Word of God.